Innovative biomarkers driving medicine forward


Endocrinology/hypertension: Aldosterone ELISA, Active Renin ELISA

Diabetes: ZnT8Ab, 2 Screen.

Endocrinology: 21-OHAb.

Thyroid: TgAb, TPOAb.

Others: Hyaluronan, AChRAb, AQP4Ab.

Cisbio Bioassays is a global developer of products and technologies  for in vitro diagnostic and drug discovery.
The in Vitro Diagnostics department produces a wide range of sensitive and reliable immunoassays.
Cisbio is committed to answering customer needs and providing a regular  high quality products.
Cisbio  is located in the South of France , with facilities in Bedford, MA, U.S.A and a network of distributors worldwide.


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